The Monsters

Monsters that have appeared in Doctor Who include Daleks, Cybermen, Slitheen, Judoon, Gelth, Autons, Werewolves, Cat nuns, The Beast, Clockwork people, Carrionites, Adipose, Sontarans and much MUCH more! The most famous out of all these would be the Daleks, who have also appeared in two spin off movies in the 1960's. But there are also villains including the Master and Miss Foster. The only episode when a lot of these monsters are seen together is The End of Time Part Two where the Doctor hands Jack a note, in a space bar.


The Companions

A long running tradition of Doctor Who is the companions. You can't have a Doctor whithout his companion! In Series One, the Ninth Doctor met Rose Tyler a 19 year old who was just looking for more adventure in her life. At the end of Series One the Doctor regenerated, but at the end of Series Two, the Tenth Doctor and Rose were separated in different parallell worlds. The following Christmas the Doctor met Donna Noble who fought the Racnoss, but Donna turned down the invitation to travel with The Doctor. Then he met Martha Jones who was a medical student, who traveled with the Doctor but left him at the end of Series 3. Donna returned in Series Four, after realising she made a huge mistake turning down the Doctor, and at the end of Series Four, all the companions re-united and battled (and eventually beat) Davros, the creator of The Daleks! Other companions include Astrid, Christina and Adelaide. Donna's grandad became the Doctor's new companion in The End of Time but only for a short while as the Doctor had to sacrfice himself to save Wilf, resulting in his regeneration.


The Spin Offs

The long running sci-fi also has two spin-offs featuring Captain Jack Harkness and Sarah Jane Smith who have both appeared in Doctor Who before. Captain Jack's spin-off is Torchwood which started back in 2006 and has produced three very successful series. Sarah Jane Smith stars in The Sarah Jane Adventures which started in 2007 and airs on CBBC. Both of these shows should return for a fourth series later this yeat. K9 is a sub-spin off which has aired on Disney XD.


The Show

Doctor Who is a long-running British science fiction television program produced by the BBC about a mysterious time-travelling adventurer known only as "The Doctor", who explores time and space with various (mainly human female) companions. He is a Time Lord, from the planet of Gallifrey. It is currently the longest-running science-fiction series broadcast on television, spanning twenty-six years on its original run, and the role of the Doctor on television has been played by eleven actors, from all age groups and backgrounds. The show has become a world wide success earning around 7 - 12 million viewers per episode! It has so far had 4 series with a fifth expected to begin in Spring 2010. Other characters in the show include Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith and Lady Christina. The show will undergo a huge change in Spring with a new Doctor, new companion, new logo, new TARDIS, new screwdriver, and lots of new monsters!



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